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Mythbusters icons: an icon community

Mythbuster icons
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I know the name is misleading, but this is a Mythbusters icon community. ("Mythbustersicons" just had too many characters.) yokuso & unscathed absolutely love the show. Our love has manifested itself in the form of icons, which led to icon wars between ourselves. /nerds. At the suggestion of moon_river, we decided to make an icon community to house and display all the geekiness.

This is NOT an elite icon community. We're not icon snobs in the slightest. We just like Mythbusters icons and wanted to see the kind of icons other fans are making. I know you've got something up your sleeve! Please share. :D

♥ Posts (not to be confused with comments) MUST be related to Mythbusters, though all posts needn't be icon-related. This is an icon community, but I don't want to restrict conversation to just that.
You may post banners, friends only images, and any other images of the show or anyone on the show. Again, this is mostly an icon community, but I'd like to open it up so the community can be active.
Constructive criticism is appreciated! Unless a poster doesn't want his/her icons critiqued (& says so), you are welcome to give tips. There is, of course, a big difference between being helpful and being an asshole. Make sure you know what that difference is.
Give credit when you take something and upload that something to your own server. If you don't know how to do those, feel free to ask!
♥ If you are posting large images or more than 15 icons, please put it behind an lj-cut. Help our dial-up brothers and sisters out!
When posting, try to remember to tag your entries. It'll keep things a little more organized. /OCD. :)
Don't be a jerk.

01. Awards for challenges - turkeyanne
02. Info dividers - kinda0punk
03. Mythtoons icons - open challenge; no winners.
04. Drunken Mythbuster(s) icons - open challenge; no winners.

Not all challenges will be in the form of a contest. Winners of those that are will receive:
♥ Your username listed in the community's info (unless you decline).
♥ Your choice of 2 months of paid account time or 6 months of add-on icon time (on specified challenges).
♥ Love and adoration!
♥ An award if your entry is voted into one of the top three positions:

mythbusters_fan - "So, are you a fan of the dyamic duo Adam and Jamie? Do you like to watch Buster go boom? Then this is a community for you. This is a place where you can discuss the myths that have been busted or just the show in general."

This is a work in progress. If you have any suggestions, you're welcome to post them.